Hello, we are Never Yellow games, pull up a chair and get yourself ready to play!

A little background about myself (Adam) if you will indulge me. I have always wanted to work in a job that would allow me to be creative, I worked as a graphic designer for eight years before deciding that the corporate world of design wasn’t for me.

I decided to move into interior design and have spent the last seven years working with clients to design kitchen and bathrooms alongside other rooms inside their homes. Career-wise this was certainly a more positive decision, I work directly with my customers and we design the spaces together to give them exactly what they need, It’s a job I thoroughly enjoy…but what I have always wanted to do was design games.

In 2019 I set myself the intial goal of designing a boardgame, I enlisted Danielle and Lewis to help me work through the gameplay along with various other play testers who gave great feedback.

My next Goal was to produce the artwork which took around two years, I learnt a lot in that time and my respect for boardgame artists has grown so much for the experience.

Next I looked into Printers and had the good fortune to have Butler Printers recommended to me. Rob has run a few kickstarters in his time and the prototypes his team have created are excellent.

So I now had everything I needed to start sharing Meteor Heroes with everyone, just getting to this stage, having a professional printed copy of Meteor Heroes that I can play and share with my family and friends was a big achievement for me.

I am excited to see how much further we can take it.


We hope to be able to share Meteor Heroes with you all soon, if you are interested please sign up to find out when the game will be live on kickstarter.