Meteor Heroes

Meteor Heroes

Meteor Heroes is the first game developed by Never Yellow games. It takes place in ‘Justice City’ where crime is rampant and the Justice City Police Department (JCPD) can only do so much to keep crime at bay. Things are so out of hand that ordinary citizens are stepping up in order to curb the rising crime rate and protect their city.

The goal for players is to spread their fame tokens across the city, the first to do this or whoever has the most fame tokens on the board when the game finishes will become the Hero of Justice city.

During play you will need to resolve petty crimes, manage Crisis’ and Events whilst also hunting down cool powers that will make you more powerful and shape your super hero identity.

You are not alone though, the community is always there to back the hero they believe in the most. If you hold the most fame in one of the six districts of Justice city then you will gain a perk for that area. Careful though as these can be easily taken away if another hero becomes more popular in that location.

Meteor heroes is a competitive game using area control, strategy and push your luck elements at its core.

We hope to be able to share Meteor Heroes with you all soon, if you are interested please sign up to find out when the game will be live on kickstarter.