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Meteor Heroes Design and Development

This is an update on where I am in the production of Meteor Heroes.

The game itself is complete, there may be a little alteration based on wider playtesting that will take place over the next year or so but if enough people would be happy to back it tomorrow it would be ready to go to print.


Speaking of print, I have had four prototype copies created for playtesting and reviews. I am really happy with how these have come out, although I think some of the images could be lightened and some of the backs of the cards are slightly misaligned. Seeing as these are prototypes, these are not issues I am worried about as these will be easily corrected for the main print run.

I have three printer quotes so far for the main run after the campaign is complete. I am looking to procure more to make sure I get the best quality print I can, but also the best price to help keep the campaign low for everyone interested in a copy.

Plastic Free?

I know people get really excited for plastic figures in games, I own a lot of games with some very cool minatures in them. I have the opportunity to create ‘Meteor Heroes’ free from any plastic though and in future I think I will take a poll to see if this is the best direction to go down.

There is an opportunity to create a custom die for the locations on the board along with minatures of the main characters in plastic (maybe as a stretchgoal). Being my first game and trying to keep everything as streamlined as possible a wooden die and stands for the characters may be the better way to go.

Lets keep the conversation open and explore all of the options together.


This is what I am most excited for, being able to get out more now that the UK is open once again and now COVID has given my immune system a top up.

Giving new players an opportunity to play the game is going to be great fun. I have had to keep the list of playtesters smaller than I would have ideally liked over the first few years, I feel this hasn’t hindered the development at all, instead the game hasn’t suffered from a ‘too many cooks’ approach.

I am always interested in feedback, I want to make this the best game I possible can and that is why I can’t wait to share it over the next year.

I have also created a version of the game on Table Top Simulator which I will be using to playtest with anyone I cannot see in person. There are a few alterations I want to make to this version to better match with the physical game itself. TTS is a really great tool and one that I will be using more in my initial mock up of future games.

Conventions 2022/2023

I have decided not to exhibit this year at the NEC in Birmingham as I feel this would be a little too rushed. I fully intend to be there in 2023 as part of the Crowdfunding build up. I hope by then to have the name out there and people excited to play.

That’s all for the moment, thanks for reading,


We hope to be able to share Meteor Heroes with you all soon, if you are interested please sign up to find out when the game will be live on kickstarter.